The OCM Experiment: Oil Cleansing Method

December 4th
What is OCM?

OCM also known as the Oil Cleansing Method is a magnificent all natural way to reduce and clean out those pores, blend skin tone, clear up acne and leave you feeling silky smooth. The only catch is trial and error. You have to find YOUR perfect oil blend that works with your skin. 

It took a lot of research and gathering the strength to try it out myself. You want me to put oil on my already oily skin? Wouldn't that cause more break outs?? Well once I really dug into it I found out that the oils counteract. In other words the OCM works by replacing your natural and dirt filled oils with new nutritious oils. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself! Find your perfect blend! Just give your face a break for 3-4 days in between different blends and remember you will probably break out a little at first as you would with any new facial treatment. Allow at least a week for your face to get use to your new cleansing method.

How to do the OCM?

1. Mix up your special oil blend using a base oil and astringent oil. Be sure to keep it in an air tight container or bottle.
2. Rinse your face off with warm fresh water then apply about a pea size of oil into the palm of your hands and gently but firmly rub oil in a circular motion into face for about 1 to 2 minutes. Let it set for about 30 seconds.
3. Meanwhile, run your clean washcloth under hot water, wring it out, and apply to your face (don't scold your face. Do what you can handle).
4. Let the washcloth set on your face for another 30 seconds to a minute. ( I usually just wait till it gets cool).
5. Wipe face clean and viola! One fresh and clean face! Rejuvenating! 

What's What...

Now a lot of Oil Cleansing Methods would recommend using castor oil and olive oil. As others have mentioned that castor oil is toxic (it is harsh!) and to avoid using olive oil and coconut oil because they can clog your pores later. Personally? I couldn't tell you which ones to go with you're just going to have to figure out what works for you and take my blog as a guide filled with my oil cleansing experiences.

Each picture I take will be of me facing natural lighting and nothing more. No enhancements or color filters. However, I will be greying out the background so you can see the OCM in full effect without any distractions.

Week 1
I started the OCM for the first time November 25th using 1 part Castor Oil and 2 parts Avocado Oil. My face did NOT like castor oil. Instantly it started burning and turned red.

Although I was warned off coconut oil I decided to use it anyway for the first week after a mishap with castor oil. I guess I'm more of a have to figure it out myself before I completely veto it. Funny, it wasn't the breaking out that was the problem it was the drying out. Here is my experience so far...

Week 2
The next night I switched it up by using straight Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (I had a giant tub of it from Costco). Surprisingly it dried my face but I could definitely tell it was having a positive effect as well. So I decided to continue using the coconut oil for the OCM then follow up with all natural vitamin E oil.

This method started out just fine I even braced the first break out which I knew was going to happen. It cleared up extremely fast though so I still thought i'd continue.

As you can see my facial tone has evened out (yes I am not wearing makeup nor left over makeup from the day before). My breakouts are already fewer within the week and you can't see but my pores have reduced and cleared out. 

Week 3
I decided to try a different blend just to see if I could find something not as drying so I mixed a blend of 1 part Grapeseed Oil (astringent), 2 parts Avocado Oil and 1 part Sweet Almond Oil. To my surprise it dried my face almost more than the Coconut Oil.

It did continue to keep my face tone well blended and my pores clean and reduced but it did make me break out more than the Coconut Oil did so after a week of use I have decided to switch back to Coconut Oil. In an instant I could feel the refreshing difference of my face not feeling so dry. I have continued to apply my natural vitamin E oil after the OCM routine.

I think I will continue using the Coconut Oil and vitamin E oil applied after for the next couple weeks and see if my breakouts reduce and I continue to have positive effects.

Week 4
I have further my Oil Cleansing Method using Coconut Oil as I had mentioned before. I've noticed that applying the vitamin E oil afterward is starting to become unnecessary but I've still decided to continue using it.

I have continued to have minor break outs mostly on my chin but it could also be a result of not washing my pillow case this week. My pores still remain small and facial tone well blended. My face no longer has dry spots and I believe the bags under my eyes are diminishing as well.

My makeup now goes on so much smoother and I no longer notice makeup lines on my face due to dry skin before. I don't even need to use concealer or foundation! I just use a highlighter and bronzer that I blend together then apply a light translucent powder.

All in all I am still very happy with my decision to toss out the old facial cleansers I used to use and replacing them with the OCM. The results are wonderful! I'm so happy that I decided to switch to this method and can't believe I'd never heard of it before!

Another great thing! By doing the OCM I have also lengthened my eye lashes. Best two in one!


This blog is of my personal opinions and experiences. I am not trained and I am only going off of research and experience.

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